How do you handle Multiline WTOs?
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How do you handle Multiline WTOs?


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Is it possible to intercept the message 'EQQE036I' and to send an SNMP Trap to a Distributed Platform ?

The message contains a 'JOBNAME' which may vary. The message 'EQQE036I' already has a Message Rule defined in Eventview,

but the required information comes from the Minor Line of the message, because message 'EQQE036I' is a Multiline WTO.



Component: SOPMVS


You need to consider the Multilines (Major Lines and Minor Lines) as a single line when searching for a value. In the 'Status Monitor Message' field, available in ResourceView, it is possible to address the entire Multiline WTO Messages through one definition.

To implement this, create a ResourceView Rule, for example for a Logical Resource, with the 'Status Monitor Message' defined as $MN-EQQE036I. In the Message Text Analysis within the 'Extended Message Filter', any word is accessible through the 'Line Number' field, i.e. there is no need to define one definition per line (Major or Minor). In the Multiline Message, by convention, Line number One is the Major Line and Line number Two onwards are the Minor Lines. If the Multiline Message contains the 'searched for' value, then submit an SNMP Trap to a Distributed Platform.