VM:Secure is not responding
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VM:Secure is not responding


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Mainframe VM Product Manager VM:Manager Suite for Linux on Mainframe VM:Manager Suite for z/VM VM SUITE VM:Secure for z/VM




VMXRPW0957W VM:Secure is not responding to availability check
VMXRPW0958W VM:Secure is not responding, its logon rules are suspended
Followed by:
VMXRPW0959I VM:Secure is now responding.

What drives these messages?


Message VMXRPW0957W indicates that the VM:Secure access control interface logic in CP is attempting to communicate with the VM:Secure service virtual machine and the service machine is not responding. This message usually occurs when VM:Secure has been shutdown and is not available, or, has abended and needs to be re-initialized.
The 959I message indicates the VM:Secure service machine is again available for communication.

These messages, 957, 958 and 959, are often referred to as 'heartbeat messages' which are controlled by the AVAILCHK record in the VMXRPI CONFIG file. See the AVAILCHK record documentation for the default settings if this is not specified. The VM:Secure availability checking in the CP nucleus checks every 30 seconds to make sure the VM:Secure service virtual machine is available for rules processing. The 957W and 958W messages indicate VM:Secure is not available and are given based on an error return code from IUCV communication from the nucleus to the service virtual machine. The 959I message indicates that VM:Secure is available again.

If the 957W and 958W messages are given repeatedly without the 959I message, the VM:Secure service virtual machine needs to be checked for availability. If the VM:Secure service virtual machine did not abend and is initialized and available, check for any long running process or loop condition on the service virtual machine. If it is not evident why these messages are occurring, additional information will be needed by CA Technical Support to determine why this is happening. To help that research, take a VMDUMP of the VM:Secure service virtual machine while this is occurring so that it may be interrogated to find why VM:Secure was not responding to the interface logic availability checks.


Component: VMX


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