Track Mode options use in tracking time
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Track Mode options use in tracking time


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Clarity PPM SaaS


What is the use of each option on the Track Mode field?



 Allows for modification of time values in Open Workbench (OWB) and Microsoft® Project (MSP). Values from OWB and MSP will get populated into the time slice curves when the 'Time Slicing' job is successfully executed. These time value entries are not posted to the project through timesheets and the 'Post Timesheets' posting job. The time values entered on the scheduling tools can then only be found in the prassignment table - there will not be any entries in the Timesheet Entry tables. OWB or MSP becomes your source for time tracking.


Traditionally used for API-based custom interfaces. This feature has been replaced with XML Open Gateway (XOG) which uses trackmode = 'PPM'.


Clarity application Timesheet and XOG Timesheet entries are posted to the project task assignment. If you have external system for tracking time and want the entries to show on the project, then set the Track Mode to Clarity.

If Track Mode is NOT set to PPM (2), nothing is processed upon execution of the Post Timesheets job.

Additional Information

‚ÄčThe Track Mode field is present at investment level as well as resource level.
If you can not find the Track Mode field on the properties view of a resource or investment, please add it to the list view so you can see what is the value selected