Windows socket errors
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Windows socket errors


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This document lists a number of possible causes for the following 'windows socket' errors:

AutoPinging Machine [hostname]  AND checking the Remote Agent's DB Access.
read failed stream socket: Connection reset by peer

Checking Machine: hostname
read failed Win socket errno=10054
Could Not inspect machine: hostname


The following are possible causes for windows socket errors:

  1. The Windows machine was not rebooted after installing the client as suggested in the AutoSys Windows Installation manual. Re-cycling the system will cause the new system Registry updates from the RA install to be read in by the OS.

  2. The auto_remote process that is being spawned by the Remote Agent service is dying due to system resource issues. A system reboot may also correct this condition as well.

  3. The auto_remote process is dying due to some other execution errors. A good troubleshooting method for this is to login to the Windows client and run 'auto_remote -x 'from the AutoSys Command prompt. This should return a version string. If it returns an error, then the same error is likely occurring when the auto_remote process is being launched by the RA service resulting in the Win Socket error.

    For example, the result of "auto_remote -x" may be that it reports an error stating ntwdblib.dll was missing. This would indicate the need to check for the file's existence or location and copy the file from a different working Windows remote agent if needed.

  4. If "read socket failed error 10054" is received and the NT event viewer application log has an error"rc is -1 and Error is 10038":

    Error 10038 means its an Invalid socket. This error usually occurs if any third party service providers are installed over TCP/IP. This can be checked with a utility called sporder.exe. If TCP/IP is not on top of the stack this error is generated, move TCP/IP to the top using sporder.exe and reboot the machine. autoping should be successful after these steps.

  5. The %PATH% variable is more than 1023 characters in length.

  6. If using an Oracle database, it may that the 'oci.dll' file is missing or corrupt. Copy the 'oci.dll' file from %ORACLE_HOME% to %AUTOSYS%\bin and restart the Remote Agent.

  7. The Remote Agent port may be configured differently between the Event Processor and Remote Agent machine. Make sure they are the same (5280 is the default).

  8. Verify that the port is available and listening. Command 'netstat -a' will help determine this. Also try to telnet to the port. There may be a firewall blocking the port, make sure it is open and able to communicate bi-directionally.


Release: ATSY1C99000-4.5-AutoSys-Job Management-Class 1 Remote Agent