Why don't all projects show the correct partitioned view
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Why don't all projects show the correct partitioned view


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Created new partition model, parent is the System. Customized some views for this partition on the project object. Assigned Project object to partition. This project shows the correct partitioned view, however on some other projects, the view is not changed; it still shows the original view. Why?

The Partition Views works in two ways:
1. For List Views, the page layout is based on the user's default partition selected (in Account Settings > Default Partitions) for the specific object. Also, if the end-user belongs to more than one Partition Unit, then the end-user will have the ability to 'Switch Partitions' from the List View [--Actions--] pull-down menu.
2. For Properties Pages, the page layout is based on the object instance partition assigned. Therefore, the view for specific object instances will be different. If a specific object instance does not show the desired view, then change the Partition Unit for that object instance.

Super User belongs to all partitions in the system. The Account Settings > Default Partitions for the Project Object is set to Partition A. When the user goes to the Project List View, the page layout will reflect the Partition A configuration. When the user selects a project instance from the List View and the project instance belongs to Partition B, the Project Properties pages will reflect the page layout of the Partition B configuration.

Partitioning affects what objects are exposed to users. Therefore, partitioning and access rights work together.
If a user has access rights to an instance of a partitioned object, that user can see partitioned views of that instance-even if the user is not a member of the partition to which the object instance belongs.

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