Is there a way to release the R (reserved) Tag files?
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Is there a way to release the R (reserved) Tag files?


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Many times scenarios occur where users checkout the file and file gets the RESERVED (R) Tag icon and users leave for vacation or quit jobs without checking the file back into the repository. In times like these, other users have a hard time wanting to update the same file that is checked out and end up getting errors like

        -----------Begin Check Out ---------- 
        E03020080: Item \TEST\TESTDATA\TEXTPS.C;0 can not be processed,
        this item has been checked out for update. 
        E03060019: Process Execute failed. Process Name: Check Out . 
        -----------End Check Out ---------- 

Reserved versions are marked with an R and display in the Versions view and in the Find Version dialog.

These considerations apply to reserved versions:

  • They cannot be checked out using the Update or Concurrent Update modes.

  • If a reserved version is checked out for Browse, it has the same content as the previous version on which it is based.

  • They can be included in report functions.


There are a number of ways to release lock on checked out files:

  1. Users can release themselves, using Checkin process with RELEASE ONLY mode

    Release Only means n o check-in is performed and the item is not updated, but the item is no longer marked as reserved for the current package. The permission on the client file is automatically set to read-only so that the file cannot be changed until it is checked out again.

    Check in for Release Only does not require the local file system file to exist. If the file does not exist on the local file system, you need to right-click the reserved version and select the check-in process.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Note: Selecting Release Only mode implies an item filter of Existing Items Only because this operation requires existing reserved items in the repository.

  2. Harvest Administrator can delete the "reserved-tag" files to release the checked out files by using Delete Version Process

    Delete Version Process execution dialog lets you remove selected versions of items in the Harvest repository.

    Select the file that has the R Tag and execute Delete Version process.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2
    Figure 2

    For more information on Release Only & Delete version: [SupportConnect, SupportOnline]


Release: CCCHAR01300-7.1-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Concurrent User


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