Total Effort and ETC Values
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Total Effort and ETC Values


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Why isn't the Total Effort value the same for Project Tasks: Task List and the Assignments area of Task Properties?


The Total Effort field on the Task Assignments page looks for actuals that have posted, so the actuals on this page will not be in-sync with the Total Effort on the Task list until the timesheets have posted.

Actuals = Total number of hours submitted and posted against project tasks

Total Effort = Actuals + Remaining ETC (amount of effort required to complete task or project)

Below is sequence of events:

  1. User enters time for a task in a timesheet. At this point, the ETC is decremented by the number of pending actuals, so ETC + actuals will be off by the amount of the actuals.  
  2. After Post Timesheets job is run, the actuals for the time entry are copied to the assignment. At this point, Total Effort will be in-sync for both Task List and Task Assignments.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus