How to configure transactionMinder agent to send an XML message instead of an HTML page on authentication failure. (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 261530)
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How to configure transactionMinder agent to send an XML message instead of an HTML page on authentication failure. (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 261530)


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We are running Apache Reverse proxies with TransactionMinder agent on the proxies. When XML request are received, we use XML DCC to authenticate the account-id and credentials.

This works fine if the account/password are correct. If they are incorrect we get this message -

&ltHTML>&ltHEAD>&ltTITLE></TITLE></HEAD>&ltBODY onLoad="document.AUTOSUBMIT.submit();">This page is used to hold your data while you are being authorized for your request.&ltBR>&ltBR>You will be forwarded to continue the authorization process. If this does not happen automatically, please click the Continue button below.&ltFORM NAME="AUTOSUBMIT" METHOD="POST" ACTION="/siteminderagent/soap_failed_login.xml">&ltINPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="SMPostPreserve" VALUE="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">&ltINPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Continue"></FORM></BODY></HTML>

We have configured a response and set WebAgent-OnReject-Redirect to send this xml page /siteminderagent/soap_failed_login.xml (which you can see referenced in the above HTML page) -
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
&ltSOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
&ltfaultstring>Exception from service object: The credentials supplied were not accepted.

Anyway, the issue is the XML client is receiving an HTML page rather than an XML response.
The question is how can we configure the TransactionMinder agent so that when an authentication failure occurs, it sends back an xml message to the client (rather than an HTML page). Obviously the attribute WebAgent-OnReject-Redirect is not the right way to do that.

I have read case #140940 but the response there is not much help.


We are using a custom 302.xml message that is our solution to this issue.Engineering has identified and fixed the problem (in the core web agent and specific to the Apache web server in reverse proxy mode). This fix is included in the 6QMR5 CR14 Web Agent which was released on 14-Feb-2008. Engineering will certify SOA SM r 12.0, SOA SM r12.0 CR01, and TM 6.0 HF17 with the 6QMR5 CR14 Web Agent.


Component: TXMFNC