Importing 3rd party mibs using Unicenter NSM
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Importing 3rd party mibs using Unicenter NSM


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CA Unicenter NSM



What are the various options available for importing 3rd party MIBs?



Once you configure the device to send its traps to the NSM Event Console, you could use Message Records and actions to translate the raw traps that get sent to the Event Console. These raw traps appear prefixed with %CATD_I_060 on the EM Console.

This would require enabling catrapd.exe by running "CAUGUI SETTINGS" and turning on "SNMP trap server activated" under the tab "Component Activation Flags".


Unicenter NSM r11.x, the Trap Manager (formerly called the Trap Editor) utility is included. This would enable importing traps from 3rd party Mibs. However, the Mibs should contain meaningful traps. Otherwise, a message will display that no traps are found when using the Trap Editor GUI.

General guidelines in importing traps from 3rd party mibs:

To ensure efficiency of trap importing, we recommend that you use the following tags for every trap definition in the MIB file:

#SUMMARY: Any string after this tag will be read as a message format
#SEVERITY: Specifies trap severity (Information, Warning, Fail)
#TYPE: Name of the trap
#ARGUMENTS: List of arguments

Here is a sample trap definition:

communicationLost TRAP-TYPE
"SEVERE: Communication to the UPS has been lost. Steps to reestablish communication are in progress."
#TYPE "XYZ UPS: Communication failure"
#SUMMARY "Communication lost between the agent and %s UPS."
::= 1

This is very efficient way to populate trap database if you have all of the MIB files you want to import. Using this method, you can import a large number of traps very quickly.

Alternatively, in the Trap Editor GUI you can manually update the OIDS with meaningful traps.

Now, to get the traps on Console translated into %CATD_I_066 messages, activate the trap translation table as follows:
    C:\>cautenv setlocal CA_TRAPD_XLATE YES
    C:\>unicntrl stop all
    C:\>unicntrl start all

If Unicenter NSM 3.x is installed, AND you are also licensed for Unicenter Advanced Network Operations (ANO) r3.5, the Trap Editor utility is included on the ANO media.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange