What can cause abends executing the COMLIB backup utility?
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What can cause abends executing the COMLIB backup utility?


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What can cause abends executing the COMLIB backup utility?


There is one problem corrected by QO73911 (CL00202), so first verify that all certified maintenance available via the Support site is applied to your Release 15.0 system.

If that does not resolve the problem, then note that the COMLIB backup utility (PGM=MARKDUMP or PGM=MARKUTIL with the UCDUMP parameter) may fail with S0C1 or S0C4 abends if there are corrupt items on the VISION:Builder definition library, commonly known as the M4LIB. In such cases the problem item(s) must be deleted from the M4LIB before the utility will execute successfully.

The last item in the list displayed in the M4LIST output of the backup execution is most likely the culprit. Delete the item and repeat the process until the backup executes successfully.

Then restore the M4LIB using the M4WORK backup dataset, and re-catalog the deleted item(s) from source. If the item source is not available, it is possible that source statement retrieval may be used before the item is deleted to capture the source.

Repeat the original backup process against the restored M4LIB so that a complete backup dataset may be saved for archive purposes.

The COMLIB utilities and Source Statement Retrieval are documented with full explanations and JCL examples in Chapter 12 of the Environment Manual.


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