SOLVE/NetMaster - System Profile command $$SYSPRO
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SOLVE/NetMaster - System Profile command $$SYSPRO


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$$SYSPRO is a procedure which delivers a System Profile of the users environment. Whey you execute it from OCS or Command Entry its output contains System Initialization Parameters, SOLVE License Information, actual System Status, current SYSPARM Settings, NCL Global Variables, Buffer/Storage Utilization, UDB-, NDB-, LSR-, LINK- and ISR-Information.

With APAR NZ38507 (contained on Service Pack SP01) the Option "APAR" was added to procedure $$SYSPRO.


Release: ESBNSP99000-11.5-NetSpy-Premier Support


To get information on the level of procedures in the command library concatenation regarding applied maintenance the following Commands can be used:

$$SYSPRO APAR           Lists all members prefixed with $ (distributed procedures). 
$$SYSPRO APAR ALL       Lists all members in the command library concatenation. 
$$SYSPRO APAR prefix    Lists all members that begin with the specified prefix. 
$$SYSPRO APAR SHORT     Limits the list to members with maintenance applied and members in the first command library. 
$$SYSPRO APAR HELP      Displays help panel 

As scanning of the command library can take some time the progress of the scan is displayed every quarter of the complete list.

APAR DISPLAY: 3095 Members found 
APAR DISPLAY: Commencing Scan 
APAR DISPLAY: Scan is 25% complete 
APAR DISPLAY: Scan is 50% complete 
APAR DISPLAY: Scan is 75% complete 

If it is necessary to send the list to a mail recipient (eg. a Broadcom Mainframe Support Representative), you can follow these instructions:

  1. In the list of members (titled "Command Library Diagnostic Display") press PF6 - Print

  2. In panel "PSM : Printer Definition List" select "$PSEMAIL - Print to an email address" and press PF06 - Confirm

  3. In panel PSM : Confirm Email Address enter the recipients Email Address and press PF06 - Action

  4. Successful processing is displayed by message "PS0020 PRINT REQUEST <number> SENT TO PRINTER $PSEMAIL"