IDM causing core dump of SM (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 220506)
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IDM causing core dump of SM (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 220506)


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I have SM and IDM installed on a single Solaris 8 server. SunOne Directory Server 5.2 is used as both the policy and user store. I also have apache 2.0.54 installed and configured with a web agent on the same server. The JDK I am using is 1.4.2_09

IDM is deployed on WebLogic 8.1 SP4 also on the same server. I have also imported the sunone_add_ims60.ldif into the sunone server. I have copied the required shared objects from /usr/ca/IdentityMinder/lib to /usr/ca/siteminder/bin and ensured that it is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the weblogic startup script as well as the SiteMinder "smuser" profile (/usr/ca/siteminder/bin is already in LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

The problem I have is with the communication between SM and IDM. When I start WebLogic, I can access idmmanage and click either link (IDM Directory or IDM Environment) and see that I have no existing directories or environments. This proves that the communication between SM and IDM is working fine. I can also deploy the IDM Directory. However, whenever I try to deploy the environment, the IDM mgmt console gets half way through and then throws an error "Connection Timed Out". Looking at smps.log, the connection has timed out because SM has actually core dumped. In addition, watching smps.log while I go through deploying the environment, I see the following errors:

[ImsCommandUtils.cpp:490][ERROR] SmImsCommand (findPSObject) Provider call failed
Error Code was: -2147418010
Error Messgae: Object Not Found
[IMS6User.cpp:81][ERROR] LoadIMSUser - User not found. Unique ID: imselfreg
[ImsCommandUtils.cpp:325][ERROR] SmImsCommand (getImsUser) DS Provider call failed.

This error occurs 3 times during the wizard for deploying an environment. Once when I select which IMS Directory to use, secondly, when I select the anonymous user account and thirdly when I select the System manager account.

This implies to me that IDM can't talk to the LDAP properly. I can confirm that both accts I am trying to use do exist and can be seen with "View Contents" within the SiteMinder Admin UI.


Provided customer with an internally released patch for SM 6 SP2 CR5 on Solaris that fixes issues the base install has with IM 6 SP1 and that resolved this issue.


Component: IDMIND