Accessing CA's Online Certification Matrix for Audit
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Accessing CA's Online Certification Matrix for Audit


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting



This process will navigate you to the Certification Matrix for Audit available on the CA Support Online web site.


  1. The new CA Support Online can be accessed at

  2. Login. If you do not have an account yet there is a "Register Now" option.

  3. Select "Support by Product or Solution" (left side of screen)

  4. Via the dropdown menu for "Select a Product or Solution Page" scroll to and select "CA Audit"

  5. Select "Recommended Reading"

  6. Select "CA Audit Certification Matrix"

  7. Peruse the Certification Matrix listing for the version title that applies to your research

  8. Select the appropriate menu item. Either "Audit Core Components", "iRecorders", or "SAPI Recorders"

  9. Either scroll through the listing or 'search' on an appropriate key word to locate the respective 'Platform' (first column on the left)

  10. Review the remaining columns to determine if your Platform has been certified for platform classifications 1 and 2

  11. Select "3rd Party Support Classification Document" for details on Class 1, 2 and 3 platform support.


Component: ADTCTL