Database Management for Db2 for Z/OS ISPP100 Panel panelid error. Panel not found
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Database Management for Db2 for Z/OS ISPP100 Panel panelid error. Panel not found


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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Administration Suite


When a user presses the PF1 key on a product screen the "ISPP100 Panel "panelid" error. Panel not found" may possibly be produced.
The "panelid" can vary depending on the product screen that is currently being viewed. Normally a Help Text screen would be displayed
explaining the contents of the product current screen.


Release: R19, R20
Component: GEN


This error is an ISPF error message which informs the user that when the PF1 key was pressed ISPF went to the users currently assigned datasets and looked for a library dataset called hlq.CDBAPNL0 and could not find a member on that library matching "panelid".

Check the currently assigned user libraries for a dataset belonging to the Database Management for Db2 for z/OS tools normally called
hlq.CDBAPNL0( HLQ (high level qualifier) could vary depending on the site).

While inside the DBM tools menus enter the FILES command into the COMMAND field or the OPTION field on the screen header. This will show you the current dataset allocations.

Look for the dataset assigned to the DD "PTIPARM". This is the hlq.CDBAPARM which is in use.

Look for a dataset name assigned with a suffix of "CDBAPNL0" where the hlq is the same hlq used by hlq.CDBAPARM.

Enter the STATUS command to find out which hlq.CDBAPARM members are in use and take note of the DSNAMExx (xx being the ENVDEF environment value) member in use.

Then look for the hlq.CDBAPARM(DSNAMExx) member which matches the STATUS command and find the dataset with a "CDBAPNL0" suffix.

This will confirm which panel library is being interrogated for "panelid". We know that it's not there already.

There are a number of reasons why the named "panelid" was not found in the library:

  1. The Panel Library name being assigned is incorrect which indicates an incorrect install.

  2. The Panel Library is correct but the "Panelid" is missing. This could indicate a problem with the installation software. Raise a case to have this investigated.

  3. The "Panelid" may not have been provided by CA perhaps by mistake. Raise a case to have this investigated.

  4. The "Panelid" being referenced by the CA Screen may be spelled incorrectly. Raise a case to have this investigated.

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