Oracle Policy Store database migration from one version to another one
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Oracle Policy Store database migration from one version to another one


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When migrating all Oracle databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10G. What are the special considerations for copying the Policy Store database and schema to the new 10G server?

What is the step-by-step migration guide to use for the upgrade? Would it be easier to use XPSExport and XPSImport?




2 options are available:

  1. The Database Administrator is going to move the Policy Store information from the Oracle database version 9i to the oracle database version 10g. In this case, as the Policy Store software is the same, change the Data Source to point to the Oracle Database 10g in the Policy Server. On Unix platforms, modify the system_odbc.ini file under the $NETE_PS_ROOT directory to reflect the new IP address, username, password, and port of the database server. On Windows systems, this is done in the Microsoft ODBC Administrator.

  2. This is a new system and the Database Administrator is not going to move the information from one machine to the other.

    Move then the data manually by using XPSExport and XPSImport on Policy Server (1).

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    Step 3: Replicate the Policy Store