Detector Data Sharing Group Activity not available
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Detector Data Sharing Group Activity not available


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS


What is the Detector for Db2 for z/OS (PDT) setup for being able to see Data Sharing Group Activity or if the following message is seen when attempting to view:
DT301I: Detector collection not active for any group member.


Make sure these Detector parameters are set as follows:

  1. The XSYS parameters in the Xmanager jobs that the datasharing collections are running under are set to 'Y'.

  2. If you are using Modify commands to start your collections:

    1. The PLEXINTV parameter should be set to 'Y', in your <highlevel>.PXMPARM library member, that contains your Modify commands (eg. XMANINIT, $STRTPDT).

    2. If you're also starting a Subsystem Analyzer collection using, set its PLEXINTV parameter to 'Y'.

  3. If you're starting a collection online from the DETECTOR Start Collection Display menu (Option 5), or Subsystem Analyzer Initialize SSID collection menu (Option 4)
    your Sysplex Interval Time indicator should be set to 'Y' on each collection you start.

  4. The datastore name for each data sharing group member (SSID) involved in the collection should be the same.

  5. All of the LPAR's must use the same control file (DTCFPARM).