getting a java exception when modifying Admin tasks (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 222085)
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getting a java exception when modifying Admin tasks (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 222085)


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When modifying an Admin task the following error is generated in the systemout.log

[11/11/05 12:11:51:516 EST] 5711e25c WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IMS-UI] [/idm] [Servlet.LOG]: /app/page/task/events.jsp: init

[11/11/05 12:12:01:906 EST] 40b1e25c WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IMS-UI] [/idm] [Servlet.LOG]: /app/page/submit_task.jsp: init
12:12:04,438 ERROR [ims.Task Persistence] The jdbc/idm JDBC Pool and data source is not deployed or configured. Make sure that it is successfully deployed without errors from the App. server console.
12:12:04,469 ERROR [ims.Task Persistence] DBTaskDAO.saveTaskSessionEvemt - Exception saving task session:java.lang.NullPointerException

[11/11/05 12:12:04:531 EST] 40b1e25c ExceptionUtil E CNTR0020E: Non-application exception occurred while processing method "saveObject" on bean "BeanId(Netegrity IdentityMinder 6.0#taskpersistence_ejb.jar#TaskPersistenceEJB, null)". Exception data: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.netegrity.ejb.workflow.dao.db.DBTaskDAO.saveTaskSessionEvent(
at com.netegrity.ejb.workflow.TaskPersistenceBean.saveObject(
at com.netegrity.ejb.workflow.EJSLocalStatelessTaskPersistenceEJB_56531630.saveObject(Unknown Source)

[11/11/05 12:12:05:062 EST] 40b1e25c LocalTranCoor E WLTC0017E: Resources rolled back due to setRollbackOnly() being called.

when I test the datasource connectivity within WebSphere there are no issues, I can connect with both the Task Persistence and the workflow datasources. The scripts for both TP and WF have been run. Not sure what else it could be.




Component: IDMIND


Closing case. Issue was:
The JNDI is case sensitive, set jdbc/IDM to jdbc/idm and issue was fixed