Slow Performance of Job Flow Monitoring
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Slow Performance of Job Flow Monitoring


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CA Directory CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent



Job status changes take a long time to refresh in Job Flow Monitoring. Sometimes it can be delayed by several minutes and jobs that run quickly are not updated at all. The autosys update interval is already at the minimum (15 seconds) and the "thread number" and "cache number" parameters already at their highest value (10).


he following procedure improves performance by increasing the java max memory value and allows the autosys update interval, thread number and cache number parameters to be set manually to a value outside of the default range.

  1. Stop UWCC Monitoring server.

  2. Open wrapper.conf at UWCC_install_root\MonitorServer\conf.

  3. Insert a line: "" after "wrapper.debug=false".

    The file should look like this:


  4. Save this file.

  5. Go to the latest deployment directory (it is in UWCC_install_root\ConfigServer\config and the directory name has the same name as the date and time of the ctrl.dat file) and open monitor.xml.

  6. Set the value of the following fields under the update tag as follows:

    <thread number="75"/>
    <cache number="75"/>
    <autosys updateinterval="15"/>

  7. Save the file and start UWCC monitoring server.

    Warning: Since these given values for are out of default range, users cannot set them using the Configuration area. Users would need to manually change thread/cache number to 75 every time they deploy.


Component: ETRDIR