On an onAuthAccept can a user be redirected to another protected page inside the same realm (Legacy KB Id: 212194)
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On an onAuthAccept can a user be redirected to another protected page inside the same realm (Legacy KB Id: 212194)


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I am trying to redirect authenticated users to an another internal page.

For example a user goes for www.ca.com/index.html
The index.html webpage is protected - as such the user is forced to be authenticated.

What I would like to do is redirect the user once they're authenticated to another page in the same directory at the same level.

I have thus far tried two rules - an onAuthAccept rule with a response variable (static variable with the address of the redirected webpage) and a normal WebAgent rule with the same response variable.

I have tried each rule - but neither works - all that happens is that the login page repeats itself (normally - if I had typed something incorrectly - it would've redirected me another un-protected website).

So basically my question is - how can I configure an onAuthAccept redirection to a webpage in the same realm.

BTW - if I redirect the user to a page outside the protected realm then I don't have problems.


This case be done, I will provide some guidelines below.

Example :

You have 2 pages inside you folder
i) \folder\index.html
ii) \folder\redirect.html

We will protect the index.html and redirect to redirect.html

Create the following inside the SiteMinder UI
i) Create domain, called folder domain
ii) Create realm, called folder realm. Enter '/folder/' in Resource Filter. Choose 'Unprotected' on the Default Resource Protection.
iii) Create rule, called index rule. Protect the 'index.html' on the Resource text box.
iv) Create response, called response redirect. Click create button. On the Attribute list, select WebAgent-OnAccept-Redirect, Variable values enter '/folder/redirect.html'.
v) Create policy, called folder policy, under the rule tab add the rule 'index rule' and set response to 'response redirect'.

Please try this out and let me know if you have further queries.


Component: SMPLC