ESP1534w CommQ file is nn% full.
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ESP1534w CommQ file is nn% full.


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ESP Workload Automation



We are having our automation send an alert when we receive the ESPM1534W message. Last week for the first time the message came out due to stress testing we were doing. Below is the message:

ESPM1534W CommQ file is 51% full

We don't want to alert operations at 51%, rather I want to have automation alert at 75% or greater.

My question, is there a way to set at what percentage this message is issued? If not, when it hits 51% and the message comes out, how long after is the message reissued? Is it issued again at at 52%, then 53% or does it come out at 60% then 70%?


There is no way to change the percentage of when this message is initiated. The following limits are recognized by the software: 50%, 70%, 90%, 99%. When a limit is exceeded for the fist time, the 1534 message is issued as CommQ file is % full, where n is greater than the limit. For example, if utilization reaches 51%, the 50% limit is exceeded and the 1534 message is issued. Then the message will be initiated after the utilization is greater than 70% or 71%. then when 90% and, finally, when 99%.

When utilization goes down, there may be 1533 message issued CommQ file usage is down to %. This also happens when a limit is crossed. However, this clear picture is a bit more complicated. It is about avoiding flood of 1534, 1533 messages when utilization is wobbling around a limit, constantly going above and under. To avoid many messages in this situation, the program remembers the last limit reached. Any new 1534 or 1533 message will be issued only when, next or previous limit is reached. For example, if utilization reaches 70% for the first time, then 1534 message is issued. If after that utilization goes down slightly less than 70%, then up again slightly more than 70%, and so on, no 1534, 1533 messages will be issued. New message will be issued only when utilization goes up above 90% or drops down below 50%.

One last note. A request for an increase of CommQ file size is possible. If this request is satisfied, it will drop utilization %%.


Release: WKLASG00200-5.5-Workload Automation-Service Governor-EE