What is the F&T/W Database Integrator Interface?
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What is the F&T/W Database Integrator Interface?


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The F&T/W Database Integrator interface is a tool for querying and combining data from different sources, including external databases, Forest & Trees view results, and Forest & Trees view history logs. A single view defined with the Integrator interface can get data from any data source accessible through the views in the current view file, regardless of whether that data is stored in those views.


This capability means you can do the following:

  • Use F&T SQL, functions, and operators to query any table inside the database to which any view is connected, regardless of the database and the SQL dialect it supports.

  • Execute any view's formula or query to filter data from the data source before returning it to the Integrator query.

  • Use joins, subqueries, and the UNION operator to combine related data from different databases.

  • Query the history logs of other views (history logs store a copy of the first column returned by each calculation of a view).

  • Define graphs and reports in a single Integrator view each of which selects or combines data from different databases. Now that multiple data sources can be defined for graphs and reports, it's also possible for a single graph or report to display results from different databases.

Note: Keep in mind that the Integrator interface was not designed for joining massive amounts of data. If that is what you want to do, you would be wiser to use the CA product like Advantage Data Transformer to combine the data before analyzing it with Forest & Trees.

For information on Preparing To Use the Database Integrator Interface, Filtering Data Sources with the Database Intergrator Interface, Querying Data Sources with the Database Intergrator Interface, and Database Intergrator Options please see the Forest & Trees help.


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