Instructions to Load and Apply an Interim Fix
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Instructions to Load and Apply an Interim Fix


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MICS Resource Management



These instruction should be used when apply CA MICS fix provided via Star issue. The steps can also be found near the bottom of the CA MICS fix.


  1. Delete all statements preceding the JOB statement.

  2. Modify the JOB statement per your data center's standards.

  3. Modify 'yoursharedprefix' on the APPLYPC PROC statement to match your sharedprefix value:

    If MICSLEVEL=YES, leave the .MICS second level qualifier.
    If MICSLEVEL=NO, remove the .MICS second level qualifier.

  4. Submit the job for execution and ensure that it completes successfully. Note that some product changes contain steps that execute the ASSEMBLER to pass parameters to a subsequent step. When an ASSEMBLER step is executed, a return code of 4 is produced and should be ignored.

  5. In the MICS Workstation Facility:

    Select option 5;2;4;1   -   Receive new PSP Tables.
    Select option 5;2;1;2   -   Select Product Changes and select this product change.
    Select option 5;2;2      -   Select Product Changes for Apply to apply this product change.

  6. Execute the steps listed in the checklist.


Component: MBAS