How do I distribute and register the UOMWV_HelperActiveX.ocx file?
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How do I distribute and register the UOMWV_HelperActiveX.ocx file?


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My site prohibits me from downloading the ActiveX Control (UOMWV_HelperActiveX.ocx) that DVWeb uses. How can I work around this so I can print and email my reports?


The first and more tedious way would be to manually (or in a script) push it to the browser PCs. This would entail copying the UOMWV_HelperActiveX.ocx file from the DVWeb server location (typically C:\Program Files\CA\UnicenterOutputManagementWebViewer\ActiveX) and write it to some suitable location on each of the browser PCs, like c:\activex\, for example. Next, you would have to register that control by running the command "regsvr32 UOMWV_HelperActiveX.ocx" -without the quotation marks, of course.

There's a potential ramification of this method that must be mentioned. Applying any maintenance or installing any upgrades where the control has been updated would necessitate your pushing the new control out to all your users/browser PCs once more.

A better method of distributing this file is to allow DVWeb to do it for you by making the DVWeb server a trusted site in each browser that would access it. You would do this from the browser by clicking on Tools in the menu bar and then Internet Options and then on the Security Tab. In the Security panel, you click Trusted sites and then click the Sites... button.
Here is where you would add the fully qualified name of your DVWeb server in a form something like, Once this has been added, ActiveX controls from this server will be installed and registered automatically, provided the user has the admin privileges to register the control on their PC. With this method, there's the additional
benefit that future DVWeb ActiveX control updates on the server would be propagated to the browser PCs without further intervention.


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