Question on running multiple WebAgents per machine (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 193569)
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Question on running multiple WebAgents per machine (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 193569)


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We're running multiple apache instances, with multiple virtual hosts per instance. Other than having a seperate WebAgent.conf for each apache instance, is there something else to configure:


each with it's own WebAgent.conf
and each webagent object has multiple agents configured

is there somewhere that we must configure each webagent, such as webroots.conf?


What needs to be taken into consideration, because of the shared memory, is the ServerPath directive. The setting of this directive depends on which style agent you're using.

New Frame Work Agent:
ServerPath is configured in the local file WebAgent.conf

Old style Agent:
ServerPath is configured in the Agent Config Object

ServerPath must be set for each Apache or iPlanet Web Server, so if you have four web servers, the need four separate httpd.conf or obj.conf files, each loading an Agent, then you need four separate ServerPath parameters. These ServerPath parameters are set in the WebAgent.conf file for 4.x agents and Apache 2.0 framework agents, or in the Agent Configuration Object for non-framework 5.x agents. The value of the ServerPath parameter should be set to a unique file path for each Apache or iPlanet instance. Generally, setting the value to the directory that contains the httpd.conf or obj.conf file is a valid configuration.

In the above scenario (not using agent identities) webagents can still use the same SmHost.conf file, only webagent.conf needs to be different.

Note: With 6QMR5 you can use agent identities and need not do multiple web agent configurations. One web agent (smHost & WebAgent.conf) is sufficient to protect all the virtual hosts. Check out Chapter 6: Configure Virtual Servers in Web Agent Configuration Guide for 6QMR6 or R12.


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