JOBs show status as "Lost Control" in Workload Automation Agent
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JOBs show status as "Lost Control" in Workload Automation Agent


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Workload Automation Agent DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries) CA Workload Automation AE


After the Agent is restarted, some JOBs may show status "Lost Control". What does it mean?


Release: WKLASA09300-6.1-ESP-Workload Automation-System Agent-for z/OS USS


When the WA Agent is shutdown, some processes jobs may also be killed. When agent starts again, it will try to recover the jobs by looking up the PID.  It the PID is no longer available, the JOB status will show "Lost Control". 


Check if the job has completed on Agent side.

  1. Force complete it from Manager/Scheduler side

  2. User may resubmit the job if job didn't complete


Additional Information

Note: Normally, 'Lost Control' Messages are common when the OS has been restarted.  This usually results in jobs/PIDs being killed by the shutdown process of OS.