IdentityMinder - Active Directory schema extension (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 187021)
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IdentityMinder - Active Directory schema extension (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 187021)


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Looking at doing our initial Idm Web Edition installation.

However, we need to understand the requirements against the user store.

While the manuals give examples as part of the 'Sample Environment' using an iPlanet directory - it does not give the requirements in term of Active Directory - beyond comments about a few attributes needing to be multivalued, but no other information about syntax.

Please provide an Active Directory schema extension for the additional attributes that are needed (assuming that existing attributes are not being reused).


We do not provide a schema extension for a AD user store.

The AD directory.xml template is included which you must modify (required attributes denoted by ## need to be configured) to use an existing attribute or one that you create.

If you are using a custom object class then you must perform the necessary configuration described in the installation docs concerning adding to the directory.xml and siteminder registry.


Component: IDMIND