Is it possible to change the aionhlq.LOAD library from PDS/E to PDS?
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Is it possible to change the aionhlq.LOAD library from PDS/E to PDS?


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PDSE libraries are required for the installation of AION.


This is not advisable.

There are some reasons for it that a PDS/E library is required for the installation of our products.

  1. The load module might exceed the 16MB maximum size limit.

  2. If you use PDS/E for managing your stored procedures in your stored procedure address space this allows the extent information to be dynamically updated. This would remove the possible requirement to stop and start the stored procedure address space when the load library goes in extents because of additions and replacements.

  3. If you want/need to store run-time library routines into loadlibrary needed during execution of applications written in XL C/C++ and COBOL.

  4. If you want/need to store load modules into the loadlibrary in the format of program objects (not quite the same as a load module).

The following Aion supplied libraries (SYSLIB, RECLIB, DYNRLIB, DATALIB, DLILIB, IOLIB, MQLIB, DYNRDLIB, DYNRELIB, and ADSV7LIB) MUST be a BIN PDS/E library.

These PDS/Es contain binary code for interpreted execution (PROGRAM OBJECT FORMAT 3 member) and other necessary members. Unfortunately, no particular information exists which of these members are type 3.

All .BIN data sets must be installed as .BIN=PDS/E. CleverPath Aion generated data sets such as 'userid.appname.BUILD' and 'userid.appname.BIN' MUST remain in PDS/E format.

Also, you need to use PDS/Es for all user application DLLs built with the XPLINK option.

PTFs are prepared for the aionhlq.LOAD library using the TSO/E TRANSMIT command. Modules that are transmitted from a PDS/E can only be received into a PDS/E. If a module that was transmitted from a PDS/E is received into a PDS, the TSO/E RECEIVE command will mark the PDS as permanently unusable. Afterwards, the PDS would have to be reallocated from scratch, and members would need to be restored from backup sources.

In addition, the members of the the aionhlq.LOAD library are program objects, not load modules. These members must be stored in a PDS/E.

In r10.2, the MAES load module library was a PDS. In r11.0, this library will be distributed as a PDS/E. All r11.0 z/OS modules will be distributed in PDS/E libraries.


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