Problems with SMF when running NetMaster with combined LOAD library
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Problems with SMF when running NetMaster with combined LOAD library


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When running any product that supplies the WebCenter SSL capability, you may experience problems with the SMF Exits if you combine the various LOAD libraries into one dataset.


Starting with Delivery level (Management Services level) 6.1, several NetMaster products supply WebCenter SSL capability.
When installing such a product, if you combine all LOAD libraries created during the SMP install, you will have created a PDS/E and included all modules in there.

The MELOAD library is a PDS/E that only contains modules needed for WebCenter SSL.

The MSLOAD contains modules required to load and process SMF Exits. The SMF Exits cannot be loaded from a PDSE, so you will be unable to either read, write or process anything related to SMF. This may seriously impact the ability of the products to create or return the desired information.
Our Getting Started Guide explicitly states that the MSLOAD must not be a PDS/E for this very reason.

  • For NetMaster for TCP/IP you will not receive any content to your IPLOG and will be missing large
    amounts of information from Packet Analyzer.

  • For NetMaster File Transfer Management you will not receive any FTP Term records.

  • For SOLVE:Operations for MVS you will be unable to write SMF records.

We do not recommend combining libraries but if that is a requirement at your site, please combine all libraries except the MELOAD into a regular PDS, and leave the MELOAD separate. If you do not plan on using WebCenter SSL, you can omit the MELOAD from the STEPLIB of the startup JCL.


Release: ESBNSP99000-11.5-NetSpy-Premier Support