Verifying CA Vulnerability Manager Has Internet Access
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Verifying CA Vulnerability Manager Has Internet Access


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This document explains the steps to take to verify that your Vulnerability Manager has Internet access.


During setup, the administrator enters initial network and route table information before restarting the appliance. After restarting, the administrator types the newly assigned CA Vulnerability Manager IP address into the browser address bar and logs in using SuperUser and password. Setup opens the Network Check page automatically, and the administrator runs the network check. If these processes fail, check one of the following validation methodologies:

CA Vulnerability Manager may not be connected to a network that has Internet access.

First, verify that CA Vulnerability Manager can access the Internet. If you used a cross-over cable when setting up network information, verify that you have removed the cross-over cable and connected CA Vulnerability Manager to the network. Also, verify that the CA Vulnerability Manager IP address is not being used elsewhere on the network.

Verify that CA Vulnerability Manager has Internet access by disconnecting CA Vulnerability Manager and assigning another computer the same IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server. Test to see if you can access the Internet and if you can ping the gateway and DNS servers. If you can, your CA Vulnerability Manager will have access to the Internet when connected.

Note: Some proxies require that the port number is specified.

On the Network Information setup page, enter the port number after the proxy URL as specified: proxyname:X, where proxyname represents the proxy URL, and X represents the port number (for example,

After updating the network (and route table information, if used), click Save & Reboot. The system will restart with the new network configurations.

Continue through the setup as documented in the CA Vulnerability Manager Quick Start guide.

Once the CA Vulnerability Manager has completed setup, administrators should verify Internet access using the network check utility at Management, Network Check.

This check tests the DNS resolution of the content source and also verifies your system's HTTPS connection to the content source. If the network check fails, go to the Network page from the Management tab to update your network and route table settings. Changing these settings forces CA Vulnerability Manager to restart.


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