Configuring the NetMaster WebCenter interface to SYSVIEW
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Configuring the NetMaster WebCenter interface to SYSVIEW


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This document describes how to configure the NetMaster WebCenter interface to SYSVIEW.
If this interface is configured incorrectly, commands that are issued may receive the response "WARNING no data available"


To enable the SYSVIEW interface, logon to your NetMaster Region. From /PARMS select WEBCENTER.

Ensure that the 'Enable SYSVIEW Interface' parameter is set to YES.

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Figure 1

* If the Enable SYSVIEW Interface field is set to NO, then Update the Webcenter parameter Group. Change the value to YES, press PF06 to action and PF03 to save. If PF06 is not pressed then the modification will not be applied until the next restart of the region.

You also need to ensure that the SYSVIEW LoadLib is available to the NetMaster/SOLVE Region, either through the LINKLIST or by adding it to the STEPLIB of the product region startup JCL.

Basic utilization of the WebCenter interface to SYSVIEW is described in User Guide. Please refer to the chapter entitled Using WebCenter under the section Unicenter CA-SYSVIEW Integration.


Release: ESBNSP99000-11.5-NetSpy-Premier Support


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