Password regex for Clarity users
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Password regex for Clarity users


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Create password rules for Clarity with custom regular expression (regex) to enforce company's specific rules such as minimum characters, numbers etc. The regular expression gives more possibilities to tweak the password rules according to your company requirements.


Release: Any Supported Release


Within Administration Menu, System Options, Password, Build Expression, you can enter expressions to build different rules to enforce password creation by the end-users

Example 1:

Enter the expression below to create a password rule to enforce at least 1 numeric digit, 1 lower case alphabetic digit and 1 upper case alphabetic digit, plus the string must be between 4 and 8 characters:


Example 2:

Allow ANY 3 of the following 4 expressions to constitute a valid password with 8 characters minimum.
(?=.*[~'[email protected]#$%^&*)(-+=])

Enter the following expression:

^(?=.*[a-zA-Z])(?=.*[A-Z0-9])(?=.*[0-9~'[email protected]#$%^&*)(-+=])(?=.*[a-z~'[email protected]#$%^&*)(-+=])(?=.*[A-Z~'[email protected]#$%^&*)(-+=])(?=.*[a-z0-9]).{8,}$

If any one of these assertions fails, then the user is missing at least 2 of the required characters, which means the password fails.