The iidbms.exe process spikes in CPU and RAM usage.
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The iidbms.exe process spikes in CPU and RAM usage.


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The iidbms.exe process spikes in CPU and RAM usage. This causes requests to admin to periodically fail, which can lead to password mismatches and the need to contantly reboot. This process is part of Ingres, and the high resource usage generally means the database needs to be tuned.


The problem here is most likely that the Ingres DB has not been tuned in a while. Tuning the database is necessary for improved performance and consistency. Tunes should be done at least once a month.

To tune your DB:

At a command prompt:

net stop eta_slapd
net stop eta_connector
dxserver stop all
dxtunedb -full etrustadmin
dxserver start all
net start eta_slapd (which will also start the connector)

The full tune must be done with the directory offline. It re-lays out the Ingres tables used by the directory which reclaims space from deleted entries and optimises the structure of the B-Tree tables for optimum performance.

If a gradual decrease in performance is seen, or a lot of entries are deleted, then running this option should be considered.


Component: ETRADM