java.lang.ClassNotFoundException - Workpoint cannot find custom jars/classes
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java.lang.ClassNotFoundException - Workpoint cannot find custom jars/classes


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Customers using Workpoint workflow are usually writing their own classes and wrap them in their own jars. While they are in the class path, Workpoint does not seem to find these classes/jars and gives out an error instead which resembles:

"Exception caught when executing Java class: Command = '#Fri Apr 04 12:46:42
EDT 2008 MethodIsStatic=false
nested exception is:


In order for Workpoint to be aware of the custom code classes and jars, the Workpoint CLASSPATH should be edited accordingly. You can find how to perform this both in the IM manuals, and also in the Workpoint documentation under <IM_TOOLS>\Workpoint\docs\designer\JavaExampleJava.htm.

The documentation states to edit files with the location of the custom classes/jars.
Please note that if there is a white space in the path name, the path might be ignored. For example: 'C:\Program Files\My Jars' might not work, however 'C:\MyJars' will work.

You also can try and encapsulate the path with the white space with quotes "C:\Program Files\My Jars"


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B