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ROS000S interface error with CA90s services error - code 04


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Getting message: ROS000S Interface Error with CA90s services - Error Code 04. This typically occurs during ipl, but may occur anytime that Roscoe is started.



There are two likely causes for your ROS000S. 
1) A timing issue with CCS390 RIM not coming up before ROSCOE, or not brought up at all on the system on which Roscoe is running. 
2) One of the libraries is not APF authorized. 


Component: ROSCOE


1) If problem occurs at IPL, check your SYSLOG to see if CAIRIM is fully up before Roscoe begins to come up. You may need to modify you IPL procedure to allow RIM to come up before Roscoe begins coming up.

2) Both Roscoe and CAS90 must be APF authorized. . Check that all RIM and Roscoe libraries are APF authorized. Be sure to check for anything that is steplib'd in the Roscoe task.