How to disable reopen ticket rights for Employee access?
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How to disable reopen ticket rights for Employee access?


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The document describes the steps to disable reopen ticket rights for Employee access role.


Release: ALL
Component: CA Service Desk


This can achieved by commenting the Reopen button in the detail_cr.html for employee form group.

Below are the steps that we performed to remove the Reopen button from the Employee interface.

1. Open the Web Screen Painter 

2. Click on File -> Open 

3. In the dialogue box that appears choose the following 
Interface or File Type : Employee 
Form Group : Default 
File Name : detail_cr.htmpl 

4. Open the file in source view 

5. Modify the below line from 

ImgBtnCreate("btn003",msgtext(498), "reopen_request()","defer", 0); 

// ImgBtnCreate("btn003",msgtext(498), "reopen_request()","defer", 0);

6. Save the file and publish the changes.

7. Run the command pdm_webcache -v -H to clear the webengine cache.