How do I install CA Directory on a Unix/Linux machine as a domain user
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How do I install CA Directory on a Unix/Linux machine as a domain user


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Administrators often setup their machines with users on a domain server. In order to install CA Directory on these types of setups, the user must be configured correctly.


In order to install CA Directory onto a machine with domain users you need to first check the following:

  1. The user "DSA" has been configured for the machine you want to install on. You can check by typing the following command:
    id dsa
    If the dsa user doesn't exist you should get an error message saying user not found. If this is the case you need to setup the DSA user correctly on the domain server.
  2. Check that the "etrdir" group is created and the DSA user is a part of that group. You can see if the "dsa" user is in the "etrdir" group from the output of id dsa.
  3. Check that the DSA user has a home directory. To do this you will need to go on the domain server and check that the DSA user has a home directory assigned to it. If it doesn't then you will need to assign a home directory to the DSA user.
  4. Check that the DSA user's home directory has write permissions. If there are no write permissions then, write permissions should be granted on the directory.

If the above has been setup correctly then the install should proceed as normal. The install should follow the logic below for Domain users:

  1. The install will attempt to install the Directory using the specified Directory Administrator user (DSA).
  2. If the User is a domain user and it exists, it will attempt to install the directory as this user.
  3. If the user doesn't exist then the installer will attempt to create the user locally.
  4. If the installer can create the user locally it will install the Directory as the local user.
  5. If it cannot create the user then the install will exit with an error.

Often you may not want to use the username "DSA" as the Directory administrator. In which case you can set up the Domain user the same as above using any username, however when you run the install you will need to run it with the following command:

./ - dxuser <username>

Where the <username> is the name of the user you have setup to be the Directory Administrator. Please be aware that his user should be a dedicated Directory administrator, and not a user shared with any other applications as the users environment will be modified and changed in order to get CA Directory working. Sharing the user with other applications may result in the other applications not working properly.


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