What is a Notification Rule and how to create an Activity Notification?
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What is a Notification Rule and how to create an Activity Notification?


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This document explains the Notification Rule in CA Service Desk and ITSM, and how to configure Activity Notifications.

Notification Rules:

  • Allow Service Desk's  Administrators to specify users who can receive Notifications Conditionally.
  • Can be attached to Activity Notifications. Multiple Notification Rules can be attached to a single Activity Notification.
  • Will have a Condition associated with it that must be met in order to send a Notification.
  • Have Conditions under "Site Defined Conditional Macros" in CA Service Desk Manager.
  • There are 124+ notification rules provided out-of-the-box with CA Service Desk Manager r12 and above.

A Notification Rule contains three pieces of information:

  • A Condition that is evaluated to determine whether a Notification is to be sent.
  • A Message Template
  • Contact(s) to Notify.

    Condition: The Condition will be evaluated using a Site Defined Conditional Macro.

Message Template: This is the body of the email that is sent to the recipient. Out of box Message Templates may be modified and used with different Notification Rules.

Notification Rule Setup

Note: Notification Rules support the following Objects:

  • Request/Incidents/Problems
  • Change Order and
  • Issues.


Notification Rules are a new feature in CA Service Desk Manager from version 12 and above.


To setup a new Notification Rule

  • Create a new Rule.
  • Create a new Site-Defined Condition or attach an existing one to the Rule.
  • Create a new Message Template or attach an existing one to the rule.
  • Attach Contacts required to be notified to the Rule.
  • Attach the Rule to the Activity Notification.

Additional Information

This video shows the steps needed to configure an Activity Notification with Site-Defined Conditional Macro, with the aim of Notifying a customer Contact when his ticket is transferred for a specific Category.

CA Service Desk - Notify on transfer

DocOps information on creating Notifications


Specific DocOps on Notification Rule:



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