Web Viewer unable to contact Dispatch/View through CCI
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Web Viewer unable to contact Dispatch/View through CCI


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Why is Web Viewer unable to contact Dispatch/View through CCI?

CCIPC connect attempts may be refused if CCITCP is unavailable for new connections: check for CCITCP: 
CAS9899E Error: No more available task slots - in the CCITCP task output.


Web Viewer 11.5 running under Windows 2008 r2 Server.


DRAS can not be reached from the 11.5 Web Viewer except through CA CCI.


Recycling CCITCP via ENF resolved the problem - CCIPC configuration test was then successful as subsequently were DRAS discoveries and Web Viewer access into Dispatch.

Additional Information

In the 64-bit, Windows 2008 R2 Server environment, you want to make sure you run the CCIPC Configuration Tool as well as the Web Viewer Administration Tool "As Administrator" to insure the 32-bit applications settings changes are appropriately saved in the 32-bit section of the Server registry.