IM Password change error.
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IM Password change error.


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


When changing a password on an endpoint the following error is logged:

Severity: Error
Category: Failure
Type: Update Account from Global User
Message: :ETA_E_0008<MAC>, Active Dir. Account 'XXXX' on
modification failed: Global User 'etaadmin' has no account on directory
'XXXXX' with which to authenticate

This error indicates that you have the 'Use logged in Administrator's Credentials' check box on the 'Directory Settings' tab of the endpoint properties screen. This mechanism causes all changes you make through Admin to the endpoint use the endpoint account of the Global user you are logged in as.

For example:

If you log into Admin as 'etaadmin,' then try to make a password change, this setting will cause Admin to try to use the 'etaadmin' user account on the endpoint to effect the change. This error is returned if there is no 'etaadmin' user account present. It could be the same for any user.




Component: ETRADM



  1. Uncheck the 'Use logged-in administrator's credentials' check box on the directory settings tab of the endpoint properties screen. (See screenshot)


  2. Create the 'etaadmin' user account on the endpoint, assign it the proper privilieges for creating and maintaining user accounts, and correlate this account to the 'etaadmin' global user.