The tomcat for CA Workflow fails to logon to SLUMP.
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The tomcat for CA Workflow fails to logon to SLUMP.


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In Service Desk r12, CA Workflow tomcat fails to logon to SLUMP and pdm_status output shows the tomcat status as Connecting. The situation can be corrected by matching the values for certain CA Workflow options listed in Options Manager to the corresponding values in the nx.env file.


In Service Desk r12, CA Workflow can be installed on the primary server or on a secondary server. Sometimes the CA Workflow tomcat fails to logon to the Service Desk slump process. The pdm_status output shows zero as the PID SLUMP for the CAWF daemon.

DAEMON                             STATUS        HOST         PID SLUMP       CONNECT TIME
Bpvirtdb_srvr     (bpvirtdb_srvr)  Running       server_01    8048            Mon Mar 30 08:50:29 
CAWF          (pdm_tomcat_nxd)     Connecting    SERVER_01    0    
Confirm Database(confirm_db)       Completed     server_01

In the above pdm_status output the HOST for the tomcat daemon is in uppercase but the name by which it is known in Service Desk is in lowercase. For this reason tomcat is not able to logon to SLUMP. The hostname case is important and must match the hostname case used by the rest of Service Desk. Tomcat interprets an uppercase hostname as a different machine than a lowercase hostname and attempts to connect to it as if it was a secondary.

The hostname displayed in the pdm_status output for CAWF is retrieved from the value of cawf_hostname in the Service Desk options manager.

A similar error is caused by using the Fully Qualified Domain name instead of just the hostname during the workflow install. The HOST in pdm_status:

CAWF          (pdm_tomcat_nxd)   Connecting   0

Check the Service Desk @NX_SERVER= value and the Workflow @NX_CAWF_HOSTNAME= hostname settings in the \$NX_ROOT\nx.env file and Options Manager. Modify them to match if they do not already.

To change the CAWF hostname in Options Manager:

  1. Login to ServiceDesk as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration->Options manager->CA Workflow and set the value of each of the following options to exactly match the @NX_SERVER= value found in the nx.env file.
    • cawf_hostname
    • cawf_pm_location
    • cawf_pm_url
    • cawf_wl_location
    • cawf_wl_url
  3. Restart the CA Service Desk services and the Tomcat daemon will now connect to the SLUMP.


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