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SDM: Where is the Logical Data Model (Entity Relationship Diagram) for Service Desk r12.x?


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The Logical Data Model (LDM) poster illustrates relationships between objects and attributes in Service Desk.

In versions prior to Service Desk r12, this was referred to as the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).

This document is not located in the default documentation folder where the other product documentation .PDF files are located.

It provides a useful visual overview to the key relationships between objects and attributes in Service Desk.


Component: CA Service Desk Manager


The Logical Data Model for CA Service Desk r12.x and higher is provided in the directory $NX_ROOT/samples/data/ after Service Desk is installed. The filename is logicaldatamodel.pdf.

In later releases of Service Desk, these files are named CA_SDM12.5_Logical_Data_Model.pdf and CA_SDM12.5_Logical_Data_Model_Guide.pdf 

This file is not part of the online documentation directory of Service Desk.  Service Desk must be installed in order to view this file.

Please note that not all objects and attributes are displayed on this poster, only the key ones. There are approximately sixty objects displayed in the LDM. There are many more in Service Desk.

For the complete listing of objects and attributes, and their related tables and fields, please consult the following link to review the Data Element Dictionary, Technical Reference, and Objects and Attributes listings: