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VISION:Results release synchronization with components and features


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Vision:Excel Vision:Results Vision:Sixty



Which VISION:Results, VISION:Excel, VISION:Sixty and VISION:Interface releases work together?


CA VISION:Results is an information management and report generator tool with an easy-to-use, English-like programming language.
VISION:Results was previously known as DYL-280 II.

CA VISION:Excel is an application-oriented information management, financial, auditing, and report generation system. It can be considered an add-on feature to VISION:Results.
VISION:Excel was previously known as DYL-Audit.

CA VISION:Sixty is a completely self-contained compile, load-and-go system activated by parameters prepared in fixed format. It can also be considered a component of VISION:Results.
VISION:Sixty was previously known as DYL-260.

The three products are tightly coordinated and, if used together, release synchronization is imperative.

The current release combination became Generally Available January 2007: VISION:Results 6.0 / VISION:Sixty 12.0 / VISION:Excel 7.0

  Prior release combinations:                                  desupport date
  VISION:Results 5.0 / VISION:Sixty 11.0 / VISION:Excel 6.0    August 2008 
  VISION:Results 4.0 / VISION:Sixty 10.0 / VISION:Excel 5.1   December 2003

There are also 3 database interface features.
The interface release is independent of the base product release.

The current release of CA VISION:Results Interface for DB2 is 4.0
The current release of CA VISION:Results Interface for IMS is 2.0
The current release of CA VISION:Results Interface for IDMS is 4.0


Component: V:EXCL