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When I submit a report to the Report Server, it fails with the error: Fatal Error: Exception occurred in Java virtual Machine: unknown error. How do I fix this?


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Cleverpath Reporter



"Fatal Error: Exception occurred in Java virtual Machine: unknown error" for very large reports


This error occurs when a report is very large and has many pages. This will also occur in an export from the Report Builder. The solution is to set the max and min settings for the java memory. This can be set in the proserv.prf for the server or prorep.prf for the builder. These files are located in the config directory off of the installation directory for CleverPath Reporter.

Under the section titled [java common], there should already be a CLASSPATH variable. Add the min and max memory settings under the CLASSPATH like this:

[java common]

You may have to adjust the MaxMemory setting according to your machine's available memory. An easy way to test this is to adjust the setting and then do an export from builder. This will show you the page numbers it is exporting. If the error occurs again, readjust the setting and export again. If more pages are exported but the error still occurs, continue to increase the setting and export until all pages are exported.


Component: CVPRPT