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RCM00011: DB2 CONNECTION ERROR during the Compare DB2 Objects (ssid0000) post-install job.


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During the execution of the Compare DB2 Objects (ssid0000) post-install job, it fails with the message:
RCM00011: DB2 connection error: DB2 SSID 'ssid being specified' is not defined in the CA-DB2 PARMLIB.


This error can be caused by a mismatch between the libraries the Xmanager started task has allocated, and the libraries the Compare DB2 Object job (ssid0000) allocates, particularly, the PTIPARM DD's allocation.
Please check to ensure the same libraries are allocated for both the Xmanager started task and Compare DB2 Objects job.
Make any required modifications, then rerun the DB2 Compare Objects step jcl (ssid0000) again.

The message may appears as follows: RCM00011: DB2 connection error:, with no additional detail as to the problem.If this is the case, please check that the subsystem is defined in the SETUPxx member that is being used.


Component: ENDBAS