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Why does the application send the CSA entry URL instead of the Application entry URL for notification links in email?


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Why does the application sometimes send out report notification links in emails that contain the address to the CSA entry URL, instead of the application entry URL listed in the NSA? How can it be fixed?



The report email notification feature gets the server URL for the link for emails from the first WebServer Instance specified under </applicationServer> in the properties.xml.
The properties.xml file resides in the $CLARITY_HOME/config directory.

One likely cause of this behavior is when the CSA entry URL is listed above the application entry URL(s) in the properties.xml file. The to make this change, it must be accomplished by updating the configuration of the properties.xml, not through the CSA application interface.

Steps to Resolve:

  1. Navigate to the properties.xml file located in the $CLARITY_HOME/config directory   
  2. Make a backup copy of this file and store it another directory location   
  3. Open up the properties.xml file, look for the section that starts with </applicationServer>   
  4. If <webServerInstance id="nsa"? is listed first above all of the application servers <webServerInstance id="app"?, then move the NSA line below the application server entries
  5. Restart the Application (app) and Background (bg) Services


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