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What are the license options for CA SCM R12? How do they work? What are the license enforcement mechanisms?


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CA SCM R12 has two types of licenses. One is named "user" and other is "concurrent user."


CA SCM R12 has two types of licenses. One is named "user," another is "concurrent user."

For user licenses, the active number of users is counted and require a license.

Concurrent user licenses are useful to large corporations with a dynamic workforce (i.e., with contractors or external suppliers) where it's easier to maintain compliance than a fixed, named set of users.

CA SCM operates only under a valid and unexpired license, but does not enforce the license count to limit the use of the product to the purchased licenses. However, the r12 release has a utility "hgetusg" that reports on the number of named and peak concurrent users. The peak concurrent usage information is written periodically to the broker log file to ensure that the customer has usage information necessary to maintain compliance.

CA SCM r12 release allows the administrator to "disable" a user who is no longer active. Disabled users will not have access to CA SCM and therefore will not count towards the licensed usage. Using this feature allows administrators to free up licenses after use by short term contractors and other users who do not need a dedicated license.


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