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How to Correctly Install/Configure a Remote MDB on SQL for USM


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This technical document outlines the steps to install and configure a remote MDB on SQL for USM.


If your environment will include a remote database server, you will need to manually create the MDB (if it has not been created by another CA product) and configure it for USM prior to installing Unicenter Service View.

  1. Ensure that SQL server is installed and running. Also apply all SQL Server patches and maintenance.

  2. From the USM install media, copy the Utilities\SQL_MDB directory onto the SQL Server.

  3. Open a command prompt and change directory into Utilities\SQL_MDB

  4. Run the following command to create the MDB schema if it does not already exist:

    setupmdb.bat [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename]


    [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename] specifies the name of the SQL Server instance that should be used. This parameter should be omitted if using the default mssqlserver instance.

    For example, the following command will create the MDB in the 'myserver\myinstance' named instance:

    setupmdb.bat -DBMS_INSTANCE=myserver\myinstance

  5. Change directory to Utilities\SQL_MDB\mdb15875618 and run the following command to apply the CA Workflow MDB patch manually:

    PatchMDB [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename] -MDB_PATCH=15875618

  6. Change directory to Utilities\SQL_MDB\mdb16291505 and run the following command to apply the CA Unicenter Service Management MDB patch manually:

    PatchMDB [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename] -MDB_PATCH=16291505

  7. Navigate to Utilities\SQL_MDB and run the following command to upgrade the MDB schema and configure the MDB:

    configureMSSQLMDB.bat [-USM_USER=username] [-USM_USER_PSWD=password] [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename]

    w here:

    [USM_USER=username] is the user ID to be established for use by the Unicenter Service Management products when accessing the database (default if omitted is 'usmuser'). It is recommended to use 'usmuser'.

    [-USM_USER_PSWD=password] is the password for the username specified in USM_USER

    [-DBMS_INSTANCE=instancename] is the SQL Server instance name for the MDB (this parameter should be omitted if named instances are not used).

    For example, the following command will create the database user ID as 'usmuser' and the password 'caadmin1' for instance 'myserver\myinstance':

    configureMSSQLMDB.bat -USM_USER=usmuser -USM_USER_PSWD=caadmin1 -DBMS_INSTANCE=myserver\myinstance


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