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We are receiving "ESPWSS2835E Logon failed, SAF error code 8-xx" error message from the GUI


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Workload Automation Agent



We use the GUI (ESP WA Workstation) to monitor the workload and receive " ESPWSS2835E Logon failed, SAF error code 8-12.


When a user's logon is unsuccessful, the GUI (ESP WA Workstation) always reports "You did not enter a valid password. Try again" (twice).

But there are several other causes of logon failures. In every case, Workstation will receive message 2835E, with the text being "'Logon failed, SAF error code x-y" where x and y are decimal numbers indicating the cause of the failure. Expected values are:

8-4 User is not defined

8-8 Password is incorrect

8-12 Password is expired and no new password supplied

8-16 New password is not acceptable to security system

8-28 User id is in "revoked" status

8-100 User id is valid, but no access to this ESP is permitted (access to prefix.ONLINE was denied)

8-104 Second copy of new password doesn't match first


Release: WKLASG00200-5.5-Workload Automation-Service Governor-EE