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Differences between the ADT Generic ODBC interface, the ADT Microsoft ODBC interfaces, and the ADT Microsoft SQL Server/ODBC interface


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Advantage Data Transformer



As its name implies the Generic ODBC interface could be used for any ODBC connection, but ADT interface functions will have improved performance and more capabilities using a connector specifically written to communicate with a particular driver.


The ADT Generic ODBC interface is designed to work with any ODBC 3.0 driver (32 bit) that is compatible with ODBC 2.x calls. Use it to access a database or file for which an ODBC DSN has been configured using any third-party vendor's ODBC driver and for which no other database-specific Advantage Data Transformer interface is available. For example, use this connector to access Microsoft Excel spreadsheets through an ODBC System DSN configured with the Microsoft Excel driver.

ADT's Microsoft ODBC interfaces come in 3 types. Each connector whose name includes a Microsoft driver name is to be used with an ODBC System DataSource that was configured with the named driver. These interfaces are

  • Access / Microsoft ODBC Driver

  • dBase / Microsoft ODBC Driver

  • Text file / Microsoft ODBC Driver.

The ADT Microsoft SQL Server/ODBC interface is provided for accessing Microsoft SQL Server databases via an ODBC connection rather than using the Microsoft dblib calls. dblib is an older technology and has been used to access SQL Server through version 7. For SQL Server 2000, either the ADT Microsoft SQL Server (dblib) interface or the ADT Microsoft SQL Server/ODBC interface can be used. For SQL Server 2005, an ODBC connection must be used. Note that when using an ODBC interface to access SQL Server 2000, the ODBC DSN should have been configured with the Microsoft SQL Server driver. When using an ODBC interface to connect to SQL Server 2005, use an ODBC DSN that was configured with the Microsoft Native Client driver.


  • The MS ODBC Interfaces should not be used with ODBC DSNs configured with non-Microsoft drivers.

  • "Connector" and "Interface" may be used interchangeably.


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