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How to make the Workshifts for Notification Methods as the default "Regular" for all the existing Service Desk Manager contacts?


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If you have hundreds of contacts without the Workshifts for Notification Methods specified, this document will help you to update the Workshifts for Notification Methods for all the Service Desk Manager contacts without doing a manual update through the Service Desk web interface.


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.x and 17.x
All Supported Operating Systems


Note: Please be sure to take the appropriate database backups of the usp_contact table prior to following these steps.

1.  Take the backup of usp_contact table.

2.  From the command prompt on the SDM server, run the following command:

pdm_extract -f "select id, c_ws_id1, c_ws_id2,  c_ws_id3, c_ws_id4 from usp_contact">uspws.dat

3.  Edit the file uspws.dat with a text editor. Search for "" and replace with "wrkshft:4600".

Note: In "wrkshft:4600", 4600 is the id for 'Regular' workshift. If you would like to use a different notification method as default, extract the 'bop_workshift' table for the id value.

4.  Save the file. Run the following command via the command prompt

pdm_userload -f uspws.dat

5.  Login to Service Desk and verify if the workshift notification method is updated for all contacts